Zapperation for all


Russ Andrews is introducing an inline version of its MiniZap, a noise absorption filter that was originally only available as an optional extra fitted to Kimber interconnect cables. The inline version makes it possible for users of any other brand of interconnects to take advantage of promised noise reduction capabilities for improved audio performance.

The original MiniZaps are an implementation of the company’s Zapperator technology – dissipative filters that absorb very high frequency noise, originally created for use with loudspeakers and devised by audio designer Ben Duncan. Russ Andrews has now developed a new inline MiniZap version, which works in exactly the same way as the wired version but is more convenient. They come in the form of an inline adapted WBT plug and socket and can be fitted to either end of analogue or digital interconnects. 

The Russ Andrews Inline MiniZaps are available now for £210 per pair and are made to order. As with all Russ Andrews products, they are covered by the company’s 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee.

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