Leema Neutron & Graviton pre/power amp review https://the-ear.net

Leema Neutron & Graviton pre & power amplifiers Leema Acoustics launched its Quantum range of entry level electronics late last year, the first to come our way are the Neutron, an analogue and digital preamplifier bristling with input options and boasting onboard DAC and MM/MC phono stage, and the matching Graviton is a 150 Watt […]

Bricasti Design M19 SACD/CD transport, M1 Series II DAC, M20 preamplifier and M25 power amplifier review https://the-ear.net

Bricasti Design M19 SACD/CD transport, M1 Series II DAC, M20 preamplifier and M25 power amplifier Bricasti products reveal their heritage in the casework design, a style that comes from company founders Brian Zolner and Casey Dowdell whose backgrounds were with Lexicon and who work closely with former Madrigal Labs engineers. The latter manufactured Mark Levinson […]

Zinamp SCA Power Amplifier https://the-ear.net

Zinamp SCA Power Amplifier My first forays into the world of current dumping were rather underwhelming. Having ‘upgraded’ from a Quad 303 to a 405 the clarity and openness of the 303 seemed to have deserted my much-loved ESL57s. Things weren’t much better with the KEF Calindas which were my second speakers at the time. […]

Moon 760A review

Moon 760A stereo power amplifier Pity the audiophile with an amplifier to buy and the asking price of a Moon 760A burning a hole in their pocket. It’s a first-world problem sure enough, and no doubt one that many of us wish we had too. But it’s a tough one because round about that price […]

Naim New Classic NSC 222, NPX 300, NAP 250 review

Naim NSC 222, NPX 300 & NAP 250 The Naim New Classic range marks the beginning of an era for the Salisbury based electronics brand, a company that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. It is the first change to Naim’s core product line since the introduction of Naim Classic in 2002. The Mu-So and […]

Quiescent T100SPA power amplifier

Quiescent T100SPA stereo power amplifier Kevin Fiske reviewed a balanced mains supply from Quiescent recently and that piqued our interest in a relatively new British brand that’s turning out some extremely well made products. It turns out that the name is a lot newer than the company behind it which started out as VertexAQ in […]