Eminent Technology first came to my attention with a parallel tracking, air bearing tonearm which is apparently still available in limited numbers. So it was surprising to discover that they are now a speaker company, something that became apparent when I was asked to review the floorstanding LFT-8B for another publication a couple of years […]


I got a remarkable result with the Q Acoustics 2010i last year, at £120 it was the least expensive speaker I had reviewed in a long while but far from the least entertaining, almost the opposite. Q Acoustics has done well by using a top notch freelance designer, Karl Heinz Fink (the man behind Naim […]


When PMC launched the twenty series last year my first thought was, I want to hear the big one, the twenty.24 floorstander. After all when it comes to speakers bigger is better is it not. When I reviewed that model I was very confident that this had been proved once again. However, now that I’ve […]

DeVore Fidelity Orangutan 0/96

John DeVore makes a refreshing change from the American loudspeaker manufacturers that I often meet, he is not super slick and will not spout forth a well rehearsed monologue about the glories of his products at the slightest opportunity. OK so I exaggerate, there aren’t that many hard sellers in the high end loudspeaker business, […]