Neat Elite Classic loudspeaker review

Neat Elite Classic loudspeaker In 2022, Neat launched the first model in its Classic range with a new version of the legendary shoebox-sized Petite. I enjoyed what this mighty mini could do and was not surprised that the giant-killing little speaker became an immediate success. This led to demand for a floorstanding companion for the […]

Neat Acoustics Mystique Classic speaker review

Neat Acoustics Mystique Classic speakers A new loudspeaker from British stalwart Neat Acoustics is always an exhilarating moment and I was excited when the new Mystique Classic arrived to try in my own system. I had seen a prototype of the compact floorstander at the Munich High End show in May and knew that it […]

PMC prodigy5 speakers

PMC prodigy5 speakers PMC started out in pro audio and their official name is Professional Monitor Company so it’s hardly surprising that they are as heavily involved in the music production side of the business as the listening side where we sit in our comfy chairs. PMC’s ethos is that you can use the same […]

Alta Audio Alec loudspeakers

Alta Audio Alec loudspeakers Alta Audio is a classic boutique brand. Based in Long Island, New York, Alta is run by Michael Levy who makes a small range of distinctive looking loudspeakers of which the Alec is the smallest floorstander. It stands 39 inches (99cm) high before you add an inch and a half of […]

Q Acoustics 5040 loudspeakers

Q Acoustics 5040 loudspeakers The new Q Acoustics 5040 has me wondering whether somewhere in their sound labs, Q Acoustics’ engineers have secret ingredients in bottles labelled ‘Thrills’, ‘Spills’ and ‘Miscellaneous audio wizardry’. I’ve now had the pleasure of listening to several different speakers from this Hertfordshire-headquartered company, and every time my opening and closing […]

Kudos Titan 606 review

Kudos Titan 606 loudspeakers I have enjoyed a number of the Kudos loudspeakers during my tenure with the Ear so the opportunity to hear the Titan 606, the largest model yet to grace my listening room, was one I jumped at with enthusiasm. Regular readers may recall the positive impression that the C20 and the 10A […]

Blumenhofer Fun 13 Mk2 review

Blumenhofer Fun 13 Mk2 floorstanding loudspeaker I was introduced to Blumenhofer Acoustics exactly a year ago when I reviewed their Tempesta 20, a rousing hybrid-horn that lingered so vividly in my memory it was impossible to ignore eleven months later when it was time to nominate The Ear’s Best of 2022. Keen to hear more, […]

Goldenear Triton Seven review

Goldenear Triton Seven The Goldenear Triton Sevens are the smallest of the floor standing loudspeakers in the flagship Triton range. When I first heard about Audioquest’s acquisition of the Goldenear loudspeaker company in early January 2020 my reaction was a simple one. Why? Why would Bill Low, owner and CEO of one of the world’s […]

Twenty5 24i main

Transmission line loudspeakers have a lot to answer for, at the tender age of 20 my audio expectations were reset when I heard a pair of IMF TLS 80.  I genuinely thought I’d reached audio nirvana with this chunky floorstander. A subsequent downsizing of rooms forced me to explore other options, but I often wondered […]


Although I’d heard good things about RMB loudspeakers – and after all they’ve been around for a fair few years now – I’d never actually had the opportunity to hear a pair, let alone in the context of my own system. RMB take loudspeaker design very seriously, yet their approach and the visual aesthetic is […]


In case you missed it, that was the sound of my jaw dropping to the floor. I have just unboxed and set-up the Concept 50s from Q Acoustics, stepped back to admire the view, and am frankly blown away by the sleek and elegant look of these floorstanders. Available in a choice of three high […]


Blumenhofer Acoustics have been designing loudspeakers for more than four decades. Specialising in two-way horns, they defy the archetypal view of German engineering by building speakers that are all about stirring human emotion. Thomas Blumenhofer’s mission is to “bring the concert into the home” by convincingly reproducing the sensory energy that is experienced during live […]