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Indulgence 2016 pt.2


Smyth Research raised funding through Kickstarter to build the Realiser-A16 (above and below), a headphone processor that can emulate the surround effect of up to 16 channels. Designed for home cinema and gaming it works with Dolby Atmost, DTS-X and Auro-3D and does so with astonishing accuracy according to one industry vet. Price will be the equivalent of $1495 when it goes into production next spring.
smyth realiser

La Sphere TCA
Cabasse has totally rebuilt its range topping La Sphere speaker, the new TCA (tri coaxial Aramid) model features two Aramid/Nomex sandwich midrange drivers with greater surface area than the earlier version that give a smoother response and increased power handling. The fully active design includes a 22inch bass driver and a 24/96 DSP crossover. The £150,000 price includes Bel Canto made Cabasse power amps and  custom installation by company founder Christophe Cabasse. 
The analogue front end in this system was the remarkable Onkk Cue DD that maker Paul Beckett hopes to have in production by the end of November.

Auralic Aries Mini
Auralic seems to be getting its marketing and distribution together in the UK and was able to show off the capabilities of its Aries Mini streamer. This compact block acts as a streamer with digital and analogue outputs over wires or wi-fi, has a compartment for a 2.5inch drive to store music and comes with its own control software. Add in Bluetooth and Airplay and you can see why its £449 price point looks appealing, we plan to review one shortly.

Miles Showell
Vinyl mastering guru Miles Showell gave a talk about the trials and tribulations of his job cutting wax at Abbey Road, demonstrating some of his work via a big Bryston/PMC system. Showell’s preferred approach is half speed mastering where both tape and cutting lathe run slower in order to give the stylus twice as long to carve the groove, an approach that makes for lower distortion and cleaner treble.

cyrus one 0
Cyrus now has its Cyrus One entry level amplifier in production. At Indulgence they launched it with a ‘party animal’ theme that was rumoured to include dancing of both regular and dad varieties! This class D integrated offers 100 Watts a side, Bluetooth, MM phono stage and a dedicated headphone amp for £699.

AER speakers
Audio Reference is bringing in AER horn speakers from Germany. Easily the largest speaker at the show the AER Pnoe has a Lowther style full range driver and valve friendly 100dB/W sensitivity. Architectural audio of this persuasion will set you back £65,000, but it is damn cool.

VPI Prime Signature
The VPI Prime Signature turntable has a JMW 3D 10 Reference arm, sandwich plinth, stainless armboard and corner posts and weighs somewhat more than the standard Prime. Price is £6,000.

Auden has picked up gPinto the Italian all in one record player with built in hybrid tube amplifier, DAC and Bluetooth that we saw in Munich earlier in the year. Price for this beauty starts at £3,000.

Dali Katch
DALI has joined the portable market with Katch a colourful design with Bluetooth aptX, NFC, 2×25 Watt power and a claimed 24 hour battery life for £329.
Jason Kennedy


London, England

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