JCAT Ultimo has got the power

JCAT Ultimo linear power supply

JCAT Ultimo linear power supply

JCAT, a leader in next-generation computer audio solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its flagship linear power supply, the Ultimo. Engineered for audiophiles and high-fidelity enthusiasts, the Ultimo sets a new standard in power supply performance, ensuring unmatched clarity and purity in audio reproduction.

Designed with the high-end audio system in mind, the Ultimo is the ideal power solution for JCAT USB and network cards, the Master OCXO clock, as well as any other component requiring 5V or 12V PSU such as a network switch. Its advanced design ensures that these critical components receive the most stable and clean power, unlocking their full potential and delivering an audio experience that goes beyond hi-fi.

JCAT Ultimo linear power supply

Innovative design

The Ultimo benefits from a series of groundbreaking features:
Bespoke transformer with enhanced characteristics for pristine power delivery.
Silicon Carbide diodes for minimal noise and superior audio clarity.
Advanced three-stage topology for optimal voltage regulation and AC disturbance isolation.
Proprietary PCB design that minimizes noise pathways and maximizes energy efficiency.

JCAT Ultimo linear power supply

High-grade, non-magnetic chassis and top-quality components for unmatched durability and performance.”The Ultimo is the result of our relentless pursuit of perfection in audio power supply design,” says Marcin Ostapowicz, the founder of JCAT. “It represents the pinnacle of our engineering expertise, delivering an unparalleled audio experience for the most discerning audiophiles.”

The Ultimo is priced at €3.500 and is available for order with a lead time of four weeks.

For more information about the Ultimo and other JCAT products, please visit JCAT’s website.

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