As recently reported this combination of Focal Chora 806 loudspeakers and Naim Uniti Atom integrated amplifier, network streamer and DAC plus a four metre pair of Naim NAC A5 speaker cable is one of five specially priced and sonically matched systems featuring kit from the two brands that will be available for the remainder of 2020. The […]


Audia Flight has been building preamplifiers and power amps in Italy since 1996, the company is well known in France, Netherlands, Germany and even more so in the Far East. Three ranges of product are available: the Strumento series, the FL Three S and the FLS range. The FLS9 integrated amplifier is capable pf delivering […]


Back in June of this year I wrote a review of the Lyngdorf TDAI 1120, which was sufficiently enthusiastic that, after a discussion with me, our editor awarded it our coveted Best Buy award. As part of that discussion we wondered how it would fare in a comparison with some of its rivals in what […]


The Scandinavian countries have between them produced some iconic audio brands – I bet if you put your mind to it you could name at least half a dozen without hesitation. Copland would certainly be on my list if I was to do the same thing, and yet this is the first time that I […]


Rega Aria 3 MM/MC phono stage More than most audio components there seem to be a myriad graduations of quality with phono stages (preamps). A budget example will give you a good idea of what vinyl is capable of and one at twice the price will clearly improve on that. And this seems to carry […]


The XS 3 is the middle model in Naims’ integrated amp series that began with the original and now iconic Nait in 1983. By then, Naim had already established itself as a highly acclaimed British hi-fi maker with a coveted range of preamps and power amps. Spurred by the success of integrated designs – notably […]


Would it be spoiling the fun if power amplifiers could be limited to say 25kg? As it stands there are rather too many that exceed this figure and have the potential to do serious damage to any unfortunate soul who tries to move them. But it seems that bigger or at least heavier is often […]


A few months ago I visited a lucky man who had a rather splendid sound system that he was more than happy with, the reason for the visit was that this was the first system with Silbatone electronics in it that I had heard about in the UK. Silbatone will be familiar to anyone that has visited […]


At the Bristol Show where the notion of a 2m social distance was totally unheard of Rega showed a complete vinyl replay system with a price of just £1,000. Now that might not seem all that impressive in the general scheme of things but when you consider that it is built entirely in the UK […]


Cambridge Audio launched the Edge series in 2018 to commemorate its 50th year of designing highly engineered audio equipment. Three years in the making, the line-up includes the Edge NQ preamp and network player, Edge W power amp, and the Edge A integrated amp. The series is named after Cambridge Audio co-founder Professor Gordon Edge, […]


Regular readers of The Ear may recall that some months ago I reviewed the Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 and that I was absolutely smitten with it. In fact I was so enamoured that I have since taken ownership of one and it sits proudly at the heart of my system. It is a source of hours […]


The CXA81 is part of a second series of CX components that was originally launched by Cambridge Audio in 2014. As well as this integrated amplifier, the line-up also includes a second amp, CD transport and a network audio streamer. According to Cambridge Audio, the second generation CX Series has been re-engineered to bring “full-fat” […]