Lyngdorf Cue-100 loudspeaker review

Lyngdorf Cue-100 loudspeakers Regular readers may recall that I have reviewed two Lyngdorf amplifiers, the TDAI-1120 and the TDAI-3400, and been very impressed with both of them. Indeed I acquired one of the latter models for my own use and it is regularly used in my review system. That same machine has recently paired with […]

Morel Avyra 622 speaker review

Morel Avyra 622 speakers Having heard the new Morel Avyra 633 floorstanders on a recent visit to the Editor, I was keen to audition the smaller 622 standmounts from the same range and thought might work well in my acoustics. Morel is well known for its drive units which feature in designs from a range […]

Mofi Sourcepoint 8 loudspeaker review

Mofi Sourcepoint 8 loudspeakers The Mofi Electronics Sourcepoint 8 and its larger sibling the 10-inch Sourcepoint 10 are the progeny of British designer Andrew Jones, who is known for his concentric driver designs developed during his tenure as chief engineer at KEF in the 70s and 80s and refined through similar roles at Pioneer, TAD […]

Oephi Acoustics Transcendence 2 speaker review

Oephi Acoustics Transcendence 2 speakers Reviewing hi-fi can be a bit of a juggling act at times, one moment you have a £700 product to assess, the next a £7,000 example of the same variety turns up and of course it sounds better. Actually it’s more difficult when the opposite happens and you have to […]

Proac Response D2R speaker review

Proac Response D2R standmount speakers Since enjoying the Proac Response DB3 speakers around a year ago I have been eager to try some of the brand’s more up-market products having enjoyed them at various hi-fi shows. When the opportunity arose to listen to the D2 in my own system I jumped at the chance, even […]

Fyne Audio Vintage Five speakers review

Fyne Audio Vintage Five speakers I first saw the Mini-Me Vintage Five from Scottish company Fyne Audio at their launch during the Bristol hi-fi show at the start of the year. The looks and build quality appealed at once, even though the units were not playing when I visited their room. It was at the […]

PMC prodigy1 loudspeaker review

PMC prodigy1 loudspeaker It’s incredible to think that the last design from PMC that I tried was the company’s first domestic product, which was back in 1991 when co-founder Adrian Loader brought his LB1 transmission line to Hi-Fi News. So much has changed and now PMC has grown to become something of a legend in […]

Buchardt S400 MkII loudspeaker review

Buchardt S400 MkII loudspeakers I faced an awkward dichotomy in deciding when to pen this review because, while eager to share news of a very exciting product I am aware that, once published, the review samples will have to be shipped back to the manufacturer and I would like to enjoy them for as long […]

Goldenear BRX review

Goldenear BRX loudspeakers It’s a bit of a novelty to have the Goldenear BRXs in my system, I can’t recall having had any of their loudspeakers through my hands before, although I’ve heard plenty and talked about Sandy Gross’ designs at various audio shows. Before establishing this label in 2010, he’s founded Polk back in […]

falcon m10 review

Falcon Acoustics M10 loudspeakers Having heard the phenomenal sound created by the Falcon Acoustics M10 mini monitor at both the Warsaw and Bristol hi-fi shows I was eager to try them in my own system. On both occasions they were being received with some rapture, and rightly so in my view. Harking back, in many […]

Revival Audio Atalante 3 loudspeaker

Revival Audio Atalante 3 loudspeaker Life as an audio reviewer is always more satisfying when a product like the Atalante 3 sounds at least as good if not better in one’s own system as it did at a hi-fi show. Such it was with this two-way standmount from a relative newcomer to market. Revival Audio […]

3 Square Audio Ayal review

3 Square Audio Ayal loudspeakers These 3 Square Audio Ayal loudspeakers should not do what they do. There. I’ve said it. I first heard and saw these diminutive Darth Vader-esque speakers at a recent audio show. I kept looking for… a larger speaker, a subwoofer, anything, but all I could find was this small, beautifully-finished, slightly unconventional-looking […]