The audio world lost one of its leading lights last week when my dear old friend Tim de Paravicini succumbed to the liver cancer that he had been fighting for several months (with great good humour and optimism). Few who met Tim will forget his startlingly larger-than-life personality and the sheer vigour with which he […]


Gwenifer Raymond is a finger style acoustic guitar player with a sound that’s uncannily similar to one of my heroes, John Fahey. She released her first album, You Never Were Much of a Dancer on Tompkins Square in 2018 and last month she was planning to celebrate the release of her second, Strange Lights over Garth Mountain, with a […]


The room is undoubtedly a major factor in any sound system, you only have to visit a hi-fi show in a hotel to realise that regardless of the hardware it can be very difficult to make a good sound in a ‘bad’ room. We can over time filter out some of the anomalies that the […]


Node is not your regular audio company, very little about it is reminiscent of traditional manufacturing techniques, in fact almost the only thing that is is that it was started by two blokes. But these weren’t die-hard audiophiles blowing the pension on a hobby that had got out of hand, they were partners in a […]

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The wide world of internet radio The advent of internet or net radio has freed us from the shackles of terrestrial services and opened up the possibility of listening to broadcasts from almost anywhere on the globe. Not every station is online but the vast majority are and the ability to find that suits your […]


Naim’s top two integrated amplifiers have been updated for the vinyl generation. Both the Nait XS3 (£2,199) and Supernait 3 (£3,499) have had a MM phono stage added to their roster of line inputs. Naim’s Steve Sells and the R’n’D team in Salisbury have also upgraded the Supernait’s power amplifier that have resulted in a […]


Living Voice is celebrating their 25thanniversary and have created a special R25 edition of the Auditorium model to mark the occasion. I caught up with founder and designer Kevin Scott late last year to find out a bit more about the brand’s journey from the first Air Partner to the incredible Vox series of horn […]


However much one might love turntables, vinyl replay and records themselves, most eventually reach a point where they are forced to ask whether or not their record player is optimally set up. As those who read the audio press on a regular or even occasional basis will soon discover there is debate about pretty-much every […]

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It’s a matter of taste of course but the same cannot be said for sound quality. You would not be here if sound didn’t matter to you and nor would these 14 albums. Each has been chosen by one of our contributors as the best combination of music and sound quality that they have heard […]


In September I was invited to the press launch of Linn’s Selekt DSM, their all-new configurable network music player. After being briefed on its design and architecture and taken on an extensive tour of the factory where I saw the new product being made, I auditioned Selekt in numerous configurations and got a feel for […]


John Bamford was one of the main reasons why I became so embroiled in this reviewing malarkey. In my early days at Hi-Fi Choice he was a mentor and a guide through the maze of techno babble. He was also the man who opened my ears to the full glory of prog rock and Frank […]


There are different ways of starting a hi-fi company, the traditional route of building products in the shed and working up to larger scale operation is the best known but also the slowest, there are plenty of brands that started out that way but the world is changing. Now large corporations own many of the […]