Gearbox is a studio and a record label that’s based near Kings Cross. It’s a mastering studio to be precise and the most purist example of the breed I have encountered. Purist in the sense that its creator Darrel Sheinman wants it to be totally analogue, not such a radical idea in the world of […]

Ken Betts

Ken Betts is a retired electronics engineer who has a deeper knowledge of audio equipment than most. He built his entire system including turntable, arm and cartridge, CD player, preamp and power amp. He not only made his own speaker cabinets and finished them to a high standard but went right back to basics with […]

Rega Brio-R

I suppose the story of the Brio-r starts back in 1992 when we used to frequent a used test equipment supplier based in Reading. These were the early days of the Rega electronics department and we had a limited budget for test equipment, so we would regularly scour the used test equipment suppliers for that […]

SME arm braces

  Tucked away in the small town of Steyning in West Sussex, England is the most inspiring factory in the hi-fi industry. Here is a late fifties building that has not been significantly changed since it was built by Alastair Robertson-Aikman (ARA) when the Scale Model Equipment Company, as it was known, branched out into […]