JASON KENNEDY VISITS THE HASTINGS HOME OF MUSIC FIRST AUDIO AND FINDS A SMALL BUT PERFECTLY FORMED COMPANY THAT HAS BEEN AROUND LONGER THAN YOU THINK. Stevens & Billington made a cult name for itself when people started using its products to build TVC or transformer volume controls with its products in the late nineties. […]


We asked Rega founder Roy Gandy a few questions about the remarkable RP10 turntable. Jason Kennedy: Does the arm have better bearings than an RB1000? Roy Gandy: The arms have evolved continuously over the 30 plus years we have been making them. We can now get much better bearings with finer tolerances which mean that […]


Music it is said is part and parcel of every audiophile's raison d'être. It is the reason for large speakers and annoying electronics that occupy living space and endanger peace, happiness and in some cases marital bliss. And yet it would appear that less of us are parking our ears in front of the audio […]


Bowers & Wilkins most affordable ‘proper’ speakers, the 600, series has been totally revamped for its fifth incarnation. The series has been in the company’s range for 19 years now and was last revised back in 2007 when the FST midrange was introduced in the three-way 683. The new 600 series continues to trickle down […]


To round off the year René and Jason have picked out their three favourite products. The components that have brought them the greatest musical thrills and the ones that they feel will stand the test of time in any well put together system. There was one product that both reviewers fell in love with but […]


After forty plus years producer/engineer Eddie Kramer is finally getting the appreciation that he’s due for the work he did ‘capturing lighting in a bottle’ with rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix is experiencing something of a renaissance today not least because of the documentary aired by the BBC in October. Eddie was at Metropolis Studios […]


When PMC launched the fact.12 speaker they mentioned that it had benefited from work done at the National Physical Laboratory or NPL in Teddington, London. Last week I found out just what they had been up to in this vast facility that has been measuring things with utmost precision for over a hundred years.   […]


Have you ever wanted to talk with someone who has done almost everything with digital recording and playback? If so you’d be in luck if you met Andreas Koch, the owner of Playback Designs. We spoke in Munich during the High End Show and I discovered what he thinks the future holds for digital recording […]


Whilst I was at the High End Show 2013 in Munich, I had the opportunity to talk to David E. Gordon, managing director of sales at Audio Research.  David has been involved with the company since 1989, he was also the sales manager for Jim Thiel’s loudspeaker products. Audio Research was purchased by the Italian […]


At the High End Show in Munich Dan D’Agostino and I talked about the latest developments in his amplifiers, the ones that bear his name and rather than those that he made with Krell Industries, the company he founded in 1980. It was very interesting to hear what he had to say, this not only […]


Chord Co has recently made such a dramatic breakthrough with the design of its interconnects that the world needs to know what has been going down in the sleepy Wiltshire town of Amesbury. R&D supremo and music aficionado Nigel Finn invited me down to the factory to see how they do things and to hear […]

Crispin Murray

In February loudspeaker manufacturer PMC, in cooperation with its Dutch distributor Stage Acoustics, organized four workshops at PMC dealers with guest speaker Crispin Murray. Crispin, formerly Technical Manager at Metropolis Studios in London, is a freelance pro audio consultant and this instructive event was all about the complete production process from recording to mixing and […]