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After two years without a high-end show, audiophiles flocked in huge numbers to the first event in the Polish capital since Covid struck; in greater numbers than the organisers could possibly have imagined. They queued, patiently to pay their £10 entry; they queued to visit rooms and hear systems; they queued for food and drink, […]


Trevor Butler reports on the first full-scale hi-fi show in The Netherlands post-pandemic which saw a huge turnout from both exhibitors and visitors over two days. With the former X-Fi show now replaced by smart, new branding for Dutch Audio Event, the Konginshof conference centre outside Eindhoven witnessed a lively weekend of not only new […]

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Show Time is always interesting. Not only are there often new products – and sometimes new companies – showing their wares, but there’s always the hope that there will be a new audience whose interest in music has finally lead them to the discovery that there’s more to listening than Bluetooth speakers or ear buds. […]

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If it’s early October it must be time to go to Daventry in the midlands and see what’s happening at the UK Audio show. This sophomore year for the show saw more exhibitors and more visitors to the event with a lot of the Staverton Park hotel’s first floor taken up alongside larger rooms on […]


It has been four pandemic disrupted years since the high-end audio event was staged in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. The bi-annual show had many names including Arken Exhibition, Gothenburg Sound & Picture, Gothenburg Hifi-Show. This year saw its return with exciting news that it might become an annual event in the new hands of […]

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Living Voice took almost the same system to Cranage as they used at the Munich High End but had to cram it into a much smaller room, so there was one equipment rack topped by a Kuzma R turntable with a 12inch Kuzma 4-Point arm and CAR60 cartridge feeding SJS tube electronics (preamp, phono stage […]

North West Audio show

My first visit to this increasingly popular event coincided with the hottest day of the year so far, which made the six hour drive to Cranage a bit more of a challenge than expected, but the show more than made up for the effort. Credit has to go to organiser Kris Sawicki who has shown […]

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Contenders for largest loudspeaker at High End were Goldmund’s Gaias, these multi box behemoths forgo the Z frame seen on earlier Goldmund speakers in favour of a simple stack of aluminium cabinets. Not so simple under the skin however as this is an active system with 8 drivers and as many channels of Telos amplification […]


Audio Research escaped from the clutches of a large corporation and returned to independent ownership in 2020, since then they have been working to bring more processes in house in order to avoid the supply issues that many hi-fi brands are struggling with today. One of the less expected changes is that they now offer […]


Atlas have introduced a new cable range above Mavros dubbed Arran. The difference being that Arran cables have solid core conductors made up of seven OCC copper strands rather than the multistrand nature of Mavros. The other change is an upgrade to the insulating sleeve on RCA connectors where PTFE has been replaced with a […]

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The three years that have passed since the High End show have done nothing to temper the enthusiasm of the crowds visiting Europe’s biggest audio event, turnout was better than expected with not even atypically high temperatures being enough to keep the fans at bay. Exhibitor numbers were undermined by the inability of Chinese companies […]


Paul Benge is now HiFi Guy and alongside MSB DACs and TAD loudspeakers he is bringing in Holbo’s Airbearing Turntable from Slovenia. At £6,500 this must be the most affordable air powered, linear tracker arm equipped record player available today. It comes with a super silent air pump that produces the pressure to support a […]