Focal, the French loudspeaker manufacturer, has developed its first in-ear headphones starting from first principles. The result: Sphear breaks with conventions and “proves that high-fidelity in-ear headphones can be used for hours without discomfort”. Light and practical, discreet and attractive in terms of sound, until now, in-ear headphones have often been considered very intrusive. Uncomfortable […]

naim 4

From today the Naim ND5 XS, NDX and NAC-N 172 XS network players will be shipped with Bluetooth (aptX) compatibility. Naim also releases Firmware Version 4.3 today, enabling DSD playback for existing owners of Naim streaming products equipped with their highest spec SHARC DSP hardware (ND5 XS, NDX, NDS, SuperUniti, NAC-N 272). The flagship NDS […]


The SoundBucket was designed from scratch to hi–end audio standards by British pro audio company Crookwood. They claim this novel Bluetooth design represent a real improvement over the mass produced portable speakers currently available.  Every facet of the design was made to reproduce music well, from the obvious choice of high quality drivers, to the […]


Heinz Lichtenegger, President of Pro-Ject Audio Systems inc Box Design, explains:“Today the modern customer does not understand the need for big boxes with a lot of air inside. With modern digital technology and SMD circuit boards, you can minimise the size of outer casing without loss of performance quality. On the other hand big boxes […]


Based on its multi-award winning Essential II record player, the Pro-Ject Essential II Digital aims to be the turntable that can fit – trouble-free – into any modern listening system.For the internally-grounded Line Level output we supply both an RCA to mini-Jack cable and a standard RCA-RCA lead in the box; allowing for easy connection […]


Classic Album Sundays, the event series renowned for hi-fidelity sound and immersive album experiences, is now lending their ethos to a record label via a PledgeMusic campaign with the release of The Art of Noise Who’s Afraid of The Art of Noise?. In collaboration with ZTT, Classic Album Sundays will present an audiophile deluxe box […]


Everyone knows salt and pepper are at the core of any kitchen but did you know that seasoning goes much further than this, you can even season your food with the simple sound of music.  Following research by Professor Charles Spence (above) of the Crossmodal Research Lab at Oxford University has suggested that dishes should […]


McIntosh laboratory’s Despacio, the unique club-orientated sound system conceived by James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Belgian artists TooManyDJs, is set to tour in 2015. Personally designed by James Murphy and renowned recording engineer John Klett, with help from McIntosh Laboratory and Jordan Acoustics, this ground-breaking sound system is the only one of its kind in […]


Unity Audio is proud to announce the The Super Rock flagship monitor that heads up the Rock range of reference two-way active monitors. The Super Rock starts out as a 
Rock MkII and turns every detail up to eleven! Every single component and parameter of The Rock has been analyzed in microscopic detail and improved […]


Roksan has added a range of new vinyl electronics products in the Caspian M range: the VSC & VSC S2 Vinyl System Control, the RPM Reference Speed Control and the RPP Reference Phono Stage. These are designed to allow both new and existing Roksan customers to experience the ultimate in analogue vinyl musical satisfaction.MD Tufan […]


Manchester retailers Brian and Trevor liked the Quadraspire bamboo stands so much that they commissioned them to build a plinth for the Linn LP12 turntable. The result is booplinth, a one piece solid bamboo laminate plinth with none of the joints, screws and clamps of the standard plinth. It even eschews all but one of […]


Monitor Audio has announced the availability of the latest Bronze speaker range. The four stereo loudspeakers and a selection of surround models integrate new generation of C-CAM metal drivers with high quality cabinets in four vinyl finishes:  Black Oak, Walnut, Rosemah and a new White Ash. Invisible driver fixings and floating magnetic grilles lend New […]