NEAT main

A landmark speaker to mark British brand Neat’s 30th birthday is something to celebrate as they launch a new version of the popular Petite compact. I like celebratory products and was excited when Neat announced a special-edition of its shoebox-sized Petite two-way to mark the company’s anniversary. The product has special memories for me because […]

ARIES G1.1 main

Auralic is a small company with plenty of ideas, especially with regard to adding functionality to their range of streamers, DACs and associated components. They have been making these since launching the compact, curvy Aries nearly a decade ago, in that time their casework design has become more uniform and now there is only one […]

AMG DAC main

It must be tough to introduce audio electronics into such a crowded market, especially in the circa £2,000 DAC sector where there are a lot of strong contenders. Nuprime emerged from Nuforce in 2014 and have been making an impression on audio critics ever since, but the brand only gained serious distribution in the UK […]

Tiglon main

Tiglon’s 47-year-old founder, Kentaro Okino, became fascinated with the sonic properties of magnesium during his mechanical engineering studies and, after using it to suppress vibrations in loudspeaker stands and component isolation platforms, obtained an international patent in 2009 for its use as an electromagnetic wave shield in hi-fi cables. The Japanese company has been making […]

silent angel N8 pro main

It seems a little strange that a relatively new company that specialises in streaming audio should be taking the same approach that Naim Audio did nearly 50 years ago, but it’s a sonic and business model that has served them well so why not. Silent Angel offer a range of streamers, network switches and a […]

SVT Black black main 547

Since purchasing my first dedicated audio rack in the late ‘80s I have never underestimated the influence of support systems on the equipment they support. I still recall the impact of taking the system from a wobbly cabinet and placing it on my first rack; it was akin to a significant component upgrade. Since that […]

momentum 4 main

More than one fellow reviewer has suggested that I find some noise-cancelling headphones to to use on my travels. Goodness knows who’s previously used the ones supplied on long-haul aircraft and, as far as European travel is concerned, passengers are left to their own devices. That in mind, I was very excited to read the […]

coppice x3 main

The Coppice X1 gave me considerable pleasure with both the beauty of its English oak cabinet and also a highly-competent application of Peerless driver units when I reviewed it earlier in the year. Those same drivers feature in the new X2 floorstander which turns out to be something of an audiophile bargain. Without repeating the […]

MA Silver 100 LE main

Seeing that Monitor Audio is celebrating its 50th birthday, it seems an ideal opportunity to look at one of the brand’s most popular models which has just has just been updated and relaunched. First launched back in 1999, the 7th generation Silver 100 remains a compact, two-way bass reflex design for stand-mount use, or bookshelf […]

atoll TU80 main

Goodness, I can’t recall the last time I was able to put an FM tuner through its paces and yet there was a time when I used to undertake group tests, there were so many coming to the market. Having recently enjoyed the streamer/DAC/integrated SDA200 Signature from French manufacturer Atoll I jumped at the chance […]

Goldring Eroica HX main

For an inveterate tinkerer, playing with turntables, cartridges and pick-up arms has given me countless hours of pleasure. In many ways there’s nothing more satisfying than tweaking and easing settings to wring the very best performance out of a record player. Some, of course, make a living out of doing just that, and I’m sure […]

preDACGaN400 main

I’ll not beat about the bush. Until recently, I’d not heard any full-range Class D amplification that I felt to be on a level with what’s possible from well-executed Class AB or Class A amplification. While the Class D that I have heard did seem to give a good account of itself when asked to […]