Revival Audio Sprint 3 speaker review

Revival Audio Sprint 3 speakers As an owner/daily user of Revival’s more up-market Atalante 3 two-ways the new sub £1,000 Sprint 3 promises better value by virtue of being wholly made in China rather than in Europe. The cabinets are also more, shall we say contemporary-looking and lack the exquisite finish of the Atalante range […]


Dali Epikore 11 speakers Dali is not a name that is associated with high end loudspeakers but that’s because they have been so strong at the other end of the market for so long, there has been at least one boundary stretching model in the range for much of the company’s 40 history and of […]

klieg k135 amp review

Kleio K135 integrated amplifier You might be thinking to yourself as you land on this review: What, another UK-made integrated amplifier, aren’t we already spoiled for choice? I must confess that when approached about reviewing the Kleio K135 I agreed but with some trepidation. However, having hosted a pre-production K135 in my system for a […]

network-acoustics-Tempus switch review

Network Acoustics tempus network switch It was only a matter of time before Network Acoustics got around to making a network switch. The streaming specialists have built class leading ethernet filters and all manner of digital audio cables so a data or network switch was the next logical step to building a complete back end […]

Ayre EX-8 2.0 integrated amplifier & CX-8 CD player review

Ayre EX-8 2.0 integrated amplifier & CX-8 CD player The Ayre EX-8 2.0 and CX-8 are innocuous looking components, they do not inhabit heavy, machined aluminium cases and nor do they have much in the way of ornamentation, in black they look very restrained indeed. Yet beneath the plain exterior are electronics that ensure all […]

Titan Audio Helios, Helios Signature and Eros power cable review

Titan Audio Helios, Helios Signature and Eros power cables To assist with my assessment of the Titan Ares 6-way mains distribution block, Titan Audio kindly sent me samples of the cables I am reviewing here. As you may have read, I feel the Ares represents outstanding value for money at its price point, which, as […]

Rega Naia turntable and arm

Rega Naia turntable and arm Rumours about this turntable were circulating a couple of years or more before it was finally revealed at the Bristol show in February, it even had a phantom name, Planar 12, but it took Rega quite a while to nail the Naia (pronounced niya/nigher) down and put it into production […]

Fyne Audio Vintage Five speakers review

Fyne Audio Vintage Five speakers I first saw the Mini-Me Vintage Five from Scottish company Fyne Audio at their launch during the Bristol hi-fi show at the start of the year. The looks and build quality appealed at once, even though the units were not playing when I visited their room. It was at the […]

NAD C3050 LE streaming amplifier review

NAD C3050 LE streaming amplifier Over the past four years I have been lucky enough to have several pieces of NAD equipment to review, and without exception I have enjoyed using them and admired their sound quality. I have also found that they represent excellent value for money, when taking into account sound quality, features, […]

Neat Acoustics Mystique Classic speaker review

Neat Acoustics Mystique Classic speakers A new loudspeaker from British stalwart Neat Acoustics is always an exhilarating moment and I was excited when the new Mystique Classic arrived to try in my own system. I had seen a prototype of the compact floorstander at the Munich High End show in May and knew that it […]

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active review

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active Since I got involved with this reviewing malarkey some years ago now, I have been privileged to host some very fine components in my system. Included in that list are at least two pairs of Acoustic Energy floorstanding loudspeakers. I thoroughly enjoyed them and wrote about them with enthusiasm. Thus when […]

Merason DAC1 MkII review

Merason DAC1 MkII digital to analogue converter When I reviewed the original Merason DAC1 a nearly three years ago what struck me about it was its speed and agility, it sounded like a Rega turntable or more obscurely a DNM preamplifier. Which in my book is a good thing, it means that music sounds less […]