Unilet Sound & Vision and its sister company Custom Cable has announced the launch of Headroom Show., the new consumer audio show dedicated to the finest portable audio and digital streaming products available.  Held at the Metropolis recording studio complex in Chiswick, south west London, Headroom brings together over 35 premium audio brands, giving visitors the chance to […]


Having made its name with a range of very shiny, technologically advanced amplifier/streamers for the high end, Devialet is seeking to expand its market with a very unusual loudspeaker. Phantom is an active, wireless, two channel design that’s said to offer big speaker bandwidth in a compact, 12 litre cabinet. Incorporating the company’s ADH processing […]


Meridian recently announced a new ‘format’ that promises high resolution sound quality with sub CD bit rates, a system that could make it possible to stream 24/192 to a mobile device. MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated and involves encoding at the mastering stage and decoding at playback in order to deliver the full effect. […]


Are you a TV between the speakers guy? If so Classé has you in its sights for an upgrade. The Canadian company believes that there is a hole in the market between the more expensive one box AV receivers with their myriad sockets and even more features, and high end processors and power amps. So […]


Musical Fidelity has launched the Merlin 1 system first seen at the High End in Munich earlier this year. They are calling it the first digital streaming system that has been designed from the ground up with the vinyl record in mind. This on account of onboard A/D conversion. It features the Merlin digital amplifier […]


Featuring wholly ATC designed and built drivers and amplifiers, the new SCM40A system is an active version of the SCM40 three-way floor standing speaker, launched in late 2013. The SCM40A utilises ATC’s remarkable soft dome dual-suspension SH25-76 tweeter together with the company’s signature 75mm soft dome mid-range and a 164mm short coil/long gap (under-hung) bass […]


TIDAL, the lossless music streaming service has announced the integration of its service within the ickStream music platform, which delivers music streaming services to home audio devices. ickStream’s recent support of the Logitech Squeezebox brings TIDAL to the popular device. The latest release of the ickStream app for the Squeezebox that includes TIDAL integration is […]


Linn is repeating its Christmas music giving away this year with the chance to download a free daily track from a host of major Linn artists – in Studio Master quality, the highest download quality available. From 1st December Linn’s online advent calendar will give everybody the chance to explore and expand their musical taste. […]


SSB Audio is a German start-up looking for crowd sourced funding for its Adicon ADC with RIAA. This analogue to digital converter is designed for archiving vinyl and tape collections to a high standard. It has a 24-bit converter that can use sample rates up to 192kHz as well as an MM phono stage (extra […]


Noble Audio makes exotic in-ear monitors (IEM) that are custom fit and finished in some spectacular materials and shades. But you need to have a fitting and wait for Noble to make them at its Santa Barbara facility, so the company has come up with a universal fitting IEM. This is called K10 on account […]


The Mark Levinson No.585 has (finally) arrived in the UK. The company’s only integrated amplifier was first seen at CES in January and combines a 200 watt output with analogue and digital inputs. The DAC section is ready for hi-res PCM and DSD over USB and there are six digital inputs to feed it with, […]


AudioQuest will unveil its first headphone at CES in January. Dubbed NightHawk the over, dynamic design is said to “combine advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative driver technologies, sensitive ergonomics, and sustainable materials” all for a “modest price”. NightHawk is the “first completely original production headphone to use a 3D-printed part”, that being a grille that was […]